Does no one wear a good leather ‘gun belt’ any more?

When a first got my CCW license I quickly learned the value of a good belt that can sustain the weight of a pistol. After destroying several cheap belts a broke down and bought a Galco SB5 1.5″ belt. That was 25 years ago or so, if my waist hadn’t um increased over the years I would still have it. The one I currently wear is over 10 years old. 

I have tried other belts like the Wilderness 5-stitch and BladeTech/Looper leather belt with kydex insert but it is not the same. 

And why do I bring this up? I recently bought two kydex IWB holsters and neither had clips that can accommodate such a thick belt. Only one (BladeTech) had a solution (rubber clips instead of kydex loops) which they provided for free! I was surprised that they had not encountered this before – the clips were a legacy style. NOTE: I am talking about the thickness of the leather and not the belt size and not width like 1.25″ vs 1.5″. 

It is interesting to note that I have not had this problem with any hybrid holster. I will do reviews of the holsters shortly. 

I like the minimalist size and thinness of the all kydex. So I am wondering what kind of belt are you wearing?

Smith 2015 price list is not available yet

People keep asking about the 2015 Smith Instructor Program. I just received an email from them today that said to check back in 30-60 days. 

If you haven’t written regarding the M855 ammo ban yet, consider this…

I know that you have been probably been flooded with prompts to write and let your comments be known about the proposed ban and even been supplied with templates. If you haven’t already I would urge you to do so. I have included what I sent to the ATFE via email. Perhaps you will find it useful or informational, feel free to use it however you like –  a few people have asked me “what’s the deal with green tip?”


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to make it known that I am against the proposed ban. I will be brief.
1. M855 makes up ~ 30% of the civilian sporting market for 223.
2. M855 is not mostly made made up of an offending “piercing” metal
3. M855 has always been exempt from the 1986 requirements
4. Handguns firing rifle rounds (including M855) have long been available and are prohibitively expensive
5. ATFE makes no claim nor presents any statistics that there are actually instances of M855 being used in crime, especially from a handgun
6. The round, ironically, is actually ballistically less of a threat when fired from a handgun
7. The “framework” is too loosely defined, it appears as if the goal is to be able to restrict all .223 based ammunition with the exception of rimfire. The accelerated timeframe for adoption does not help this perception
8. The 223 round is probably the most popular sporting round currently in use by the public, surpassing even 22 rimfire since 223 (up until this proposal) it has been more available

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you reconsider this proposal.

And I urge to please comment on the proposal if you have not already!

2015 Charter Arms (CHARCO) Instructor Price List Available!

Thanks to Scott again it is available in the above discount section. Incidentally, I have renamed it to “Firearms Instructors Discounts” since they may actually be valid for other certs like IHEA, etc.

CharCo IMO is an under-rated company. They are well-known for their innovation like the hammer block/transfer bar – which they gave royalty-free to the industry and now their new (moon) clipless revolvers in 9mm, 40, and 45ACP. They are affordable and well-worth a look. No, I am not sponsored by them :) but I can say that unlike another revolver company they have NOT threatened to sue me and the blog.

EOTech 2015 instructor price list online

Thank you to Scott for sending us the 2015 EOTech Instructor Price List!

I am sad to see that the 565 and 516 are discontinued this year.
But I am a big fan of the XPS line.

Two new 10’s and Sig Elite 10mm ammo? Oh my!

I know by now everyone has heard about the new Sig P220 and the new Glock hunting/competition optics ready pistol, both chambered in (one of my favorites) 10mm.

I hadn’t chimed off yet but I wanted to say kudos to a round that has been declared “dead” for years by some. Clearly not! I am hoping that the new P220 is part of the instructor/LEO program.

One thing I also saw that was exciting for 10mm fans is that Sig’s Elite Ammo line will be including a 10mm load. A modern defense loading!!

Exciting times for 10mm fans. Now if we could just get that big American Revolver company (either one) to chamber a 10mm :)

2015 BladeTech Instructor Discounts via Packinginpink & Smith Discount update

I just saw this on the NRA Instructor site! I can’t believe that I have not recently asked BladeTech before.
And if you are wondering, it is not just pink items :)

Also got an email back from Smith. Theirs is not ready yet. They said to check back mid-March. Quite a few ppl had emailed asking me to check.

Kahr 2015 instructor price list is up!

Thanks again Bobbi! Looks like they held the pricing from the precursory look I did.

Ruger 2015 instructor price list up!

Thanks to Bobbie for providing our first instructor price list! It is now available in the link above!

Black Friday is for everyone (a new Walther PPX)

Updated: 01/23/2015

woah, that uploaded huge from my phone. resized!

I have been pondering getting another 9mm since I am a couple fewer now. The Walther PPX had been a contender and when I saw a local ad for Coastal Supply black friday ad listing them for $299 and mail in extra mag, holster and mag pouch I knew I had to look – I was going to be up anyway doing some shopping with the girlfriend.

Coastal has only had firearms for about 3 months but they do it well. It was a pleasant experience despite it being paper based. Their black friday gun prices were good. I didn’t really compare their normal prices, that is for a non-black Friday day.

Going to the gf’s store first really worked well. I missed the early rush. A risk since they had run out of several black friday Guns. Luckily Not the PPX though.

What immediately sold me was the trigger. It has a bobbed hammer but it is pre-cocked like a striker and the result is a very crisp smooth trigger without take up. Clean like an XD or a Steyr but no slack. It also feels more like a traditional pull, definitely not a striker but like a light double-action revolver cocking the hammer from yester-year (not today’s lawyer-inspired triggers).

Anyway, just took it home so not a lot of experience with it yet, but here is an obligatory pic: